Advocates for the Oak Ridge Reservation
112 Newcrest Lane
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

November 21, 2000

Larry W. Clark
Executive Director
Office of Assets Utilization
U. S. Department of Energy
P. O. Box 2001, AU-61
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831

Dear Mr. Clark:

On behalf of Advocates for the Oak Ridge Reservation (AFORR), I would like to express my organization's concerns about the proposed lease of Parcel ED-3 and provide the enclosed comments on the revised pre-approval draft environmental assessment (EA) for this proposal.

AFORR is pleased that DOE decided to revise the draft EA for this proposal and give the state and the public an opportunity to comment on the revised draft. The September 2000 draft is significantly improved over the draft that we reviewed earlier this year. However, after studying the revised draft, our organization still objects to the proposed action on the grounds that it is not needed, would undermine existing economic development, would have adverse impacts on environmental resources, would create a strip of highway at the entrance to Oak Ridge that would be markedly less esthetically pleasing, and is not done in accordance with a comprehensive, public land planning process for the Oak Ridge Reservation. 

AFORR asks that DOE not transfer this parcel or any other ORR lands until a comprehensive, public land planning process has been completed. Subsequently, DOE should transfer lands only if the transfer is consistent with the existing plan.


John Devereux Joslin, Jr.


Daniel H. Wilken
Leah Dever
David Allen

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