Department of Energy
Washington, DC 20585

June  8,  2000

Mr. J. Devereux Joslin, Jr.
Advocates for the Oak Ridge Reservation
112 Newcrest Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Dear Mr. Joslin:

This is in response to your letter of April 17, 2000, to the Secretary of Energy, concerning a review of the property needs of the Department of Energy. We agree that the Oak Ridge Reservation provides valuable scientific and educational opportunities with unique conservation value, and the presence of appropriate buffer zones has allowed the community to coexist comfortably with the Department's facilities.

The Department must make informed and well-founded decisions as it balances the sometimes competing objectives between the Department's core mission requirements and use of its lands for conservation and economic development purposes. All of these objectives are components that work for the good of the local communities around our facilities and the nation as a whole.

A systematic process will be used to survey our facilities and land to determine the future mission needs of the Department.  We will involve appropriate stakeholders in assessing the disposition or use of any lands that are determined to be excess to the Department's needs or underutilized. By working together we can bring about the best solutions for the good of all concerned.

Thank you for your interest in the Oak Ridge Reservation.


David M. Klaus 
Director of Management and Administration

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