Leadership of Advocates for the Oak Ridge Reservation (AFORR)

At our October 2002 business meeting, Gail Stakes was elected president of AFORR to replace founding president Dev Joslin, who resigned but continues to serve on AFORR's executive board. Lorene Sigal was elected to serve on the board as an at-large member.

AFORR's membership includes individuals and families, plus several organizations that contribute to our work in various ways.
These member organizations are:

Our current officers (elected in 2003 for a 2-year term) are:

  • President: Gail Stakes - also represents TNC
  • Past President: Dev Joslin
  • Vice President: Ellen Smith
  • Secretary: Jo Ann Thompson
  • Treasurer: Frank Hensley - also represents TCWP

Other executive board members are:

  • Virginia Dale
  • Jim Evans
  • Wolf Naegeli - FGS representative
  • Bill Schramm
  • Lorene Sigal

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