Advocates for the Oak Ridge Reservation (AFORR)

MEMBERSHIP FORM (please print out and mail)

Name(s): __________________________________________________________

Address:  __________________________________________________________


Phone:  Home:________________________ Work: _________________________

E-mail: ___________________________ Date: ____________________________

Membership Level: 
____Individual - $15/year 
____Family (2 people at same address) - $20/year 
____Supporting - $50/year 

Additional Contribution ________

Total Amount Enclosed ________

NOTE: Nothing of monetary value has been provided in consideration of these membership dues and additional contributions. AFORR is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, so donations are tax-deductible as contributions.

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Can you assist AFORR with any of the following?
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Make checks payable to AFORR. Please mail completed form to: 
     c/o Kennedy
     209 Whippoorwill Drive
     Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

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