Lands Available or Proposed for Development in the Roane County portion of Oak Ridge

Map described in the associated text
                                 Map published in The Oak Ridger, February 13, 2001

K-25 Site - About 1300 acres (725 acres enclosed by security fence). Colored green on map. Both undeveloped land and existing industrial buildings for lease. Federal land managed by the Department of Energy (DOE) and leased through the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET). Now known as the Heritage Center.

Horizon Center - About 1000 acres being developed as new business/industrial park. Colored gold on map. Federal land managed by DOE and leased through the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET). Formerly part of the National Environmental Research Park; formerly known as Parcel ED-1.

Former Clinch River Breeder Reactor Site - 1270 acres marketed for sale as an industrial site. Colored purple on map. Federal land managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Formerly Atomic Energy Commission lands. Formerly forested -- now cleared and awaiting development (see images and marketing information).

Roane Regional Business and Technology Park - 655 acres being developed as an industrial park. Colored pink on map. In Roane County, outside the DOE boundary and the Oak Ridge city limits.

Parcel ED-3- 450 acres proposed for leasing for industrial and commercial development. Colored yellow green on map. Federal land managed by DOE.

Boeing Site - 1216 acres slated for "mixed use" residential-commercial-industrial development. Colored pale green on map. Formerly Federal land managed by DOE, but sold to Boeing in 1987 for an industrial development. The "Boeing floodplain strip" consists of lands (shown in white on the map) between the Boeing Site and the Clinch River, totalling 182 acres.

Summary: Over 4000 acres is currently available for industry in or near the Roane County portion of the City of Oak Ridge. Not included in this figure are the Boeing Site, the Boeing floodplain strip, and Parcel ED-3, totalling over 1800 acres more. All but 655 acres of this available land was once part of the Oak Ridge Reservation.

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