Maps of the Oak Ridge Reservation

Regional Setting Current Land Management and Use Proposed State Natural Areas
  • Map and Description of Proposed Designated State Natural Area. The Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC) Division of Natural Heritage has concluded that the ecological significance of the ORR warrants additional protection under state law. The 20,000 acres that TDEC proposed for designation as state natural areas are shown on this map.
Lands Available or Proposed for Private Development
  • Map of West Oak Ridge tracts open to or proposed for development both on and off the ORR. Includes the K-25 Site, the Boeing property, Parcel ED-1, Parcel ED-3, the former Clinch River Breeder Reactor site, and Roane County's industrial park at the Macedonia site. It is evident from this map that there is plenty of land for private industry to locate on in the Roane County part of Oak Ridge.
  • East Tennessee Technology Park Preliminary Master Land Use Plan - Shows the ORR Reindustrialization Program's pre-decisional vision for the long-term use of the former K-25 Site, the Horizon Center, Parcel ED-3, and other DOE-owned lands in the ETTP area of responsibility. Extensive areas of the K-25 Site are projected for light or heavy industrial use. This includes vacant lands that are already available for leasing following DOE/EA-1175, "Environmental Assessment for Lease of Land and Facilities within the East Tennessee Technology Park, Oak Ridge, Tennessee," and its associated FONSI (November 1997).
  • Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET) Properties - Map of the K-25 Site, information about available properties there, and the conceptual plan of the Horizon Center industrial park (ED-1) site.
  • ETTP Industrial Parcels Available - Advertises "about 600 acres of land becoming available for lease" through CROET. Four of the six mapped parcels are on the K-25 Site and therefore should be available now. Parcels 5 and 6 are Parcel ED-3, which has not been released for leasing. It is interesting to note that this page describes these lands as "Free from historical/archeological restrictions; endangered, restricted, or protected plants or animals; and wetland/floodplain restrictions," since DOE's own environmental assessments have identified sensitive areas requiring protection on all of these parcels. See CROET Markets ED-3 -- Without Authority to Do So for more details on AFORR's concerns about this map.
  • Oak Ridge Reservation Utilities - Shows electric transmission lines, raw water intakes and water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, and other utility infrastructure to support current uses or future development.
  • Map of Parcel ED-3 - Land near the K-25 Site that has been proposed for leasing for industrial development.
  • Oak Ridge Reservation Self-Sufficiency Parcels - Lands identified in 1979 as properties that could be transferred directly at fair market value to the City of Oak Ridge in support of a 5-year self-sufficiency program, under which DOE would sell excess land to the city for industrial and commercial development instead of transferring excess land to the General Services Administration for screening and subsequent disposal. Read more information from DOE about the self-sufficiency program and read our analysis of the program.
    Most of this land was never determined to be excess to federal needs. Some of the mapped parcels are in active use by DOE programs. For example, some of ORNL's environmental research projects are located on Parcel 6.
    Most of the Three Bend area appears on this map as Parcel 15. The Boeing property, which was transferred under this program, is Parcel E. Parcels B and F have been developed as industrial parks. Parcel 1 remains in DOE ownership, but is being developed as the Horizon Center industrial park under lease to the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee. Parcel A now is the site of a city-owned golf course and areas undergoing residential development. Part of Parcel G (north of Bethel Valley Road) is now in private hands but has not been developed. The southern part of Parcel G is currently proposed for transfer to the city. Parcel 8 was declared excess after a company requested part of it for development, but the buyer lost interest and DOE apparently still owns this land.
  • Future Land Use at the ORISE Scarboro Operations - Map of small area includes a portion of Self-Sufficiency Parcel G, which has been proposed for transfer to the City of Oak Ridge.
Public Health and Safety Considerations

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